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Shatts said:

I was thinking why a lot of people think the gaming industry has been rather stale lately. Some people might say the effect of Covid, terrible monetization, incomplete games, higher expectations, digital future, political correctness, TOO MANY GAMES, etc. (I don't think most people notice but too many options is not good for us, it divides community, is overwhelming, and decreases the worth of the current game) For example, (this may just be growing up) but back then, games felt like we were accomplishing something, nowadays it doesn't because we know the game is eventually going to die or a new game is going to take the hype. New games are supposed to be exciting, not scary. Even character creation/customization, when there is too much freedom, it can become overwhelming to the point where I can't start the game (I can't be the only one with this symptom). 

Now all of these are probably somewhat true, but I believe that none of them is the true answer. Imo, the problem is that so many games are trying to be realistic to present the best possible graphics (specifically AAA games). We don't need that (by "we" I'm just trying to create a bond of solidarity). For example, how many people play on 4K? Even on this website where core gamers gather, I assume most don't play in 4K. There was a streamer that took a poll to see what percent of their viewers play in 4K. The result was less than 10%. In fact things like 4K and ray tracing drops frames rate and ruins the experience. Most probably can't afford a pc that can run high graphics smoothly, and tbh real life for most people isn't even clean as 4K. This is a huge problem because humans can't keep up with something their eyes aren't used to, it becomes overwhelming. Realistic games limits/restricts creativity in gaming. 10,20,30 years ago gaming evolved at an extreme rate. Now, it feels like every game is the same, every game feels like I've played it before. I understand that it was because gaming was new at the time so obviously new innovation would keep coming. But I think this is just an excuse, and there are surely more innovation yet to be found. Yes, there are indie games that tries their best to fill in that gap, but it's clear there are limits to indie games and most fall short. 

How does realistic games limit creativity?
1. They have to spend so much on trying to make the humans/environment realistic
2. They have to abide with the laws of physics to an extent to keep it real
3. Limits the art style
4. They limit uniqueness 
Humans have limits, real environment have limits, the law has limits.

Gaming is imagination, it is fiction, just like art there can be anything happening. This is the same for something like an Anime and its "Anime logic". So many people points out about how the characters are talking for 5 minutes despite having 1 second left on the clock, or a mother that looks like 5yo, or unrealistic hair. All of this is what makes these fictional entertainment fun, people seriously pointing these out are not doing any help. Do you want Star Wars with real sword instead of lightsaber, real guns, non of The Force?

I don't need a realistic setting, I don't want no simulation, we need more games with characters like Kirby a fcking pink ball, a human with bones that can bend, a mermaid, I want more chaos, I want something out of the ordinary. This is why I'm excited for Bayonetta 3.

Absolutly Bullshit.

Why we dont open a Thead about: Why Comic/ Anime Graphics and Pseudo Art Style games sucks?

The best Reason for realistic Graphics is immersion.