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curl-6 said:
tbone51 said:

it’s actually worse than what it seemed like last year, looking at hardware sales only is only but a small part of the entire picture. Software sales point to ps5 doing very bad overall in japan, the 1.7mil figure we don’t even know how much of that is in Japan currently, yes big games like FF16, FF7R2, MHW2, etc will give it spikes and probably do better than what it’s currently doing now but that doesn’t really make the ps5 situation any better.

Software sales are lowest Sony has ever been in japan, the games you mention will all have heavy declines from the last game (do you think FF16+FF7R2 will sell 1.5mil each? Cuz it’s not even guaranteed for half of those sales)

TBH, ps5 can sell more than vita lifetime, and it would be a much bigger failure (in japan only). Not sure if many people see the overall picture with the scalping/software sales/etc with what’s going on with japan. You have companies that never released any games on Nintendo jumping ship. If that isn’t pointing out the obvious I don’t know what will 

The current situation is the result of severe shortages, which will not last forever.

Software will improve in step with hardware once the latter is no longer strangled by the chip crisis. Expecting the PS5's current performance to continue in the long term is not logical when the circumstances that are creating it are over everlasting.


The market reality go in another direction.

Ps5 lost customers now, sales declined, and this consumer no goes back because Nintendo is dominated software sales. Sony losing retail space and losing japan and the east Asia market.

Software improvement doesn´t remedy this situation. Because the majority of games were on market leader. 

Wait magic when market reality will be this until 2024 and macroeconomics trend benefices more Nintendo and Xbox is wishful thinking and sony enters in a circle of decline, the software sales is low than Dreamcast and Xbox 360, it´s horrendous software sales and East Asia now is doomed too.  

Last edited by Agente42 - on 11 July 2022