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Leynos said:

No that was the 90s. Too much greed, monopolies. bad DLC, MTX creatively bankrupt publishers. I hate this idea ownership is going out of favor. Give me the 90s when we had a rapidly growing but healthy industry that was not risk-averse and full of innovation, new IPs, and arcades.

I was a kid when the N64 was out, and I think I remember seeing them (games) in Toy's R Us, for like 60-80$ a pop. Hanging in rows and rows.
If you convert that to todays money, that is alot for a game.  A quick google of it, says 1$ from the 90's is akin to 2.24$ today (USD).

Games where expensive (esp those cartridges from the n64).

Today with digital games and sales, its def. become alot cheaper to buy and own games.
Yes theres lots of bad DLC and MTX everywhere..... but you can choose not to get it (which is basically what I live by),
let others be exploited if they want too by these games companies.

Hell theres even fantastic f2p games, that dont really require you to invest much for enjoyment of them.
(I rather enjoy Path of Exile, and have played it on and off for years now, without spending too much in it)