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Even PC wise, GPU prices are almost back to normal.

Dispite people (reviewers) hateing on things like the RX 6500 XT (a ~180$ gpu, slightly better than a 1650 super), that and a 12100f (or 12400), make for a great budget setup.
You either go super cheap, with a H610 MB + DDR4 3200, or spend a tiny bit more for a B660 MB + 3600 CL16 DDR4.
Get a buget pc case, psu, and a nvme... and you can make a quite capable 1080p gameing pc, for like ~600$ or something.

A PS5 is fantastic value too (esp digital) (compaired to what it costs to build a equal gameing pc).
Lots of old goodies (PS4 titles) for cheap on sales or just low prices.

Price to entry for gameing actually isnt as horrible as many people think.