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CaptainExplosion said:

This is what happens when you have lackluster online multiplayer and a lack of fan favorite characters in the roster. And I thought Next Level Games' only bad game would be Metroid Prime Federation Force. -_-

Hey now, this isn't as bad as Metroid Prime Federation Force lol

Shatts said:

Imo decent gameplay (a little too fast), terrible online, lack of content. I actually like the Splatoon method, but that only works with an amazing game from start. People won't go back to the game unless it does a FF 14.

I truly hope they add proper content to the game... Nintendo's not on a good track lately with these releases (Mario Party Superstars, anyone?), as if they're trying to make their own shovelware.  I think they're counting TOO much on the Mario branding... Heck, even though I'm excited for Splatoon 3, I can't deny that it looks like it could have easily just been a full DLC expansion for Splatoon 2.  Heck, it almost seems at the same level as Overwatch 2, and in OW's case, they recognized it enough to just replace the original with it lmao

victor83fernandes said:

As with most Nintendo games these days I always get it free to try it before buying. After the disappointing Mario Golf and mario tennis I will probably not be paying for any sports games on the switch. Sports games were better on the Dreamcast 23 years ago.

I feel like I want to ask about the part I bolded, but also feel like I'll get a roundabout answer that isn't what I'm expecting haha

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