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Chazore said:

Forespoken gets delayed.

"it's cus they scared of GoW, I don't blame them"

>3rd party game delay
>really bad visuals

>1st Party game on one console

Yeah, nah. It's because the game looked so fucking bland and looked like trash, that's why it's being delayed, because it's also a new IP and SE saw what happened with P*'s Babylon's Fall and they obviously do not want another repeat of that.

Why the fuck would a third party game selling on multiple systems, be fucking scared of Sony... I'm sorry that just sounds smug and retarded to hear at the same time, at least from my Pov. The world ain't revolving around Sony.

It just makes more sense to delay it in order to polish it up and make it not look like ass, not because they wanted to avoid a 1st party game being sold on one console system.

Yea I haven't seen anything about Forspoken that makes me even want to try out a demo. The trailers makes the combat seem very loose and floaty and it costs $70. The problem with SE is their marketing has been very shit of late. I almost skipped Guardians of the Galaxy because of how generic the trailers made it seem and I am glad I didn't. But I don't think this will be another Guardians situation though.

And yea, I doubt SE is delaying it cause of GoW. If anything, it got delayed cause of Call of Duty MW2 and Overwatch 2 releasing around that time. But overall, I don't see it being very successful.


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