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FarleyMcFirefly said:

Does the total sales figures for Rise include the 2 million for Sunbreak? I was always kind of confused about that when they released figures for World and its expansion.

For World they don't count the Master Edition on their website in the World number but instead count it in the Iceborne number, but they still regularly update the total of World where the Master Edition is counted where it's now at 21mil, which they also just announced.

In Rise's case both the 10mil Rise number and the 2mil Sunbreak number do seem to count the special edition where Rise and Sunbreak are both included. They cite that edition as a driving factor in the increase for the Rise number to 10mil from the last reported 9mil before Sunbreak launched.

On this website the numbers are as of March 2021. If you buy the MHW Master Edition that includes both the base game and Iceborne the sale is only counted towards the Iceborne number on that list. I assume that in Rise's case it will either count towards both or they will do it exactly like with World and only report the actual Rise total the way they do with World with random announcements.