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Intel 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S” officially supports DDR-5600 and DDR4-3200 memory

On one hand, it's great they are continuing to support DDR4 for the more budget buyers. On the other, not having PCI-E Gen 5 storage is a bit cringe for high end buyers. As a platform, AM5 is clearly superior but we will see how Zen 4 is in terms of performance.

The New AOKZOE A1 Ryzen 6800U Hand-Held Handles High-End Emulation Like A Pro🔥

Very impressive that it can emulate switch games at 1080p 60fps. Most emulators, you can keep the wattage at 15 but for some like the switch, you need to increase it to 23 watts if you want a more fluid 60fps unless you are willing to lower the resolution below 1080p.

FINALLY! USB4 Worked On An AMD Laptop!!

Pretty huge news as USB4 enabled AMD Ryzen laptops get full Thunderbolt 4 support which means you can officially hook up eGPUs to them. Also MS has mandated that for all officially licensed Windows 11 laptops that have USB4, that they need ensure they have all of the options enabled such as eGPU support going forward.

Come on Dell, stop being in bed with Intel and give us an XPS 17 with Ryzen option. Keep the 3060 though.

Linus has gotten his hands on a PS3 dev kit

Interestingly, it comes with a 1000 watt power supply... The ponies did always say Sony was forward thinking /s

M2 MacBook Pro - Top 7 Problems after 1 week..

Normally I don't post videos like this but I feel like it's worth mentioning as the Apple's 13 M2 Macbook Pro launch has had quite the controversy.

Firstly the M2 uses 36% more power (19.7 watts vs 14.48 watts) to get 13-18% more multi-core performance. The higher wattage M2 SoC is causing huge thermal throttling issues with the M2 Macbook Pro. When running at max load, the M2 CPU heats up to 108C and then thermal throttles drastically when the last years M1 never thermal throttles. This leads to M2 only being 10% faster despite the workload being GPU limited which is supposed to be 35% faster. The other main issue is the M2 Macbook pro SSD has half the speed as last gen if you choose the base model. It's slower than the ipad air which costs $600 vs $1300 of the Macbook Pro. And since the Macbook Pro base model only has 8GB of RAM, it becomes super yikes as it needs to swap applications in and out of the SSD.

If that wasn't enough, the SSD they use in the M2 Macbook Pro is also lower quality. When doing a large file transfer, it slows down much faster than a 2019 Macbook Pro. When M2 Macbook Pro ran out of SLC cache, it slowed down to 300 MB/s vs 2019 slowed down to 950 MB/s.

And if you go with 16GB + 512GB version, you are within spitting distance of the M1 Macbook Pro 14 inch which has the MiniLED screen. Looks like Apple made a woopsie.


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