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hinch said:
DonFerrari said:

Gameplay usually is repetitive, in this case perhaps they just weren't able to mix enough things and pace to have changes going back and forth on how you pass each segment.

But from your positive aspects it seems like a game that I need to give a try, and was already planning to. Thank you for giving your impression.

Yeah it doesn't try and do too much. Plays a bit like a mix of Mass Effect and Tomb Raider only, that it relies a heavily on powers, and without the need for cover. Instead requires flow and movement and combat and move sets to counter enemy types... and thats totally fine. Its fun enough and works for the most part.

For sure, if you are interested in Marvel comics, games and movies then I'd highly recommend. Especially if you like the GoTG comics/movies. Genuinely funny quips and banter between the characters like you would expect and doesn't outplay itself. Its kind of a breathe of fresh air for highly polished AAA games in that its lighthearted action without going overboard.

Plus it has a seriously good soundtrack xD If you like songs from that era lol.

Soundtrack of the movie was great.

twintail said:
DonFerrari said:

Cory said there is no delay on the game.

A few days internal delay still isn't a 'delay' as we have no official date.

The point is, anything could've happened. Or maybe the leaks were just wrong.

A delay is a delay. Unless he is spinning definitions to say "few days internal = nothing" which would be wrong.

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