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ShadowLink93 said:

CY Q1+Q2=H1
2022: 1358K + 840K = 2198K
2021: 1745K + 1256K = 3001K
2020: 1700K + 967K = 2667K
2019: 969K + 515K = 1484K
2018: 671K + 497K = 1186K
2017: 557K + 484K = 1041K

Switch sells 840K for the quarter and 2.2m for H1. Realistically I am hoping for 800k in Q3 and 1.8m for Q4 for a 2022 total of 4.8m. I think splatoon 3 will save Q3 and of course Pokemon can help Switch achieve a decent Q4.

As a proportion of sales the first half is this much:

2021: 53%

2020: 45%

2019: 33%

2018: 34%

2017: 31%

AVG: 39%

As one can see, the first half has only gotten stronger over the years. If we use the average for Switch then

2022: 5.8m

But that is definitely unrealistic with the current trend in sales. I will add another post later about that.