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Played through and completed Guardians of the Galaxy.. and I loved it. The characters in it are great as is the interactions between them. The story is decent too. The weakest parts is the gameplay; which is passable at best, and can get rather repetitive.. and for me was more of a means to get through the story. Apart from that really good imo, difficulty is about right and puzzles not too crazy or obnoxiously vague or annoying to break up the action.

Though there is some caveats.. one being how polished the game feels; which massively contrasts when there are bugs that occur, which does disjoint and spoil the experience somewhat. Sometimes the audio would cut out, you would get black screens in between, with 'time outs' or Peter/Starlord would get randomly stuck in objects in between controlling the character and jumping/flying into certain things. meaning I would have to restart from a previous checkpoint. And the other is the upgrade system, which too is a little basic and not really all that useful - only played on normal so harder difficulties ymmv.

Shame the game tanked in sales due to the poorly received Avengers games. Hoping we get a sequel from CD sooner rather than later, or never. Now started on playing GoT and I can already tell this is going to be an epic game lol.

Last edited by hinch - on 30 June 2022