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zero129 said:
KungKras said:

Sorry for Necroing the thread, but I just thought it would be interesting for people to see this discussion again in light of recent events.

And, uh. Not to brag or anything, but seems I was pretty accurate.

Yeah, some of the peoples responses in this thread defo didnt age well (Meanly the ones that was in support of russia.

Context is everything.

This thread was made, after some russian agents made a assassination attempt, on foregin soil.
I rightly pointed out, that other nations (usa included) do the same.
And that I didnt see how that would point towards russia causeing a massive war.

And yes, US has long reguarded russia as some boogy-man.
(granted this war, is showing that they are, some cold heartless bastards.... bombing civilians for no reason, hospitals, kindergardens, schools ect).

Doesnt change the fact that , this necrobump is silly.

Its like a broken clock thats right twice a day.

This was a oddball shot in the dark, and it just happend to pass.
The necrobumping thus is odd (its not logic based, its just a random guess, type thing, based on bias.... which turned out to happend years later).