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I've played about 130 hours. I only remember one technical problem the whole time. There is one area that is a citywide Evergaol. I once had the game really slow down here seemingly out of no where, and I had trouble interacting with items like ladders. I turned off my PS4 and came back to it several hours later and it worked fine. Maybe I had my PS4 on a long time? I don't know. That is the only technical problem I had though.

I also have to say that Elden Ring is a really ambitious game, and it may be that the devs bit off just slightly more than they could chew. Personally, I think this is a good thing. There are plenty of games out there that are very polished but also seem kind of boring to me, because they feel so much like what has come before. I would rather play a game that is trying to push beyond what has come before even if it has some minor technical or balancing issues. It is extremely rare when a game tries to do something entirely new while also being extremely polished. Elden Ring is not ripe with bugs and technical issues (like say Cyberpunk 2077), however it isn't perfect and it also has some minor balancing issues. Don't let that keep you from trying one of the most amazing games that has come out in a long while.