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Glitches or cheesing the game is part of the Souls series. Some games get berated for being able to abuse path finding AI and other things to cheese encounters, for some reason Souls games are praised for them. No shortage of speed run videos using glitches in the game design / coding.

You get a boss 'stuck' on scenery in Horizon -> bad coding terrible AI. In a Souls game -> how clever, another method for speed running.

I haven't actually played Elden Ring yet. My son has been playing it and decided to start over. He ran in the exact same problem as me in my first Souls game. Leveled the wrong stats not knowing what things are for or what is important and by the time he figured out what stats he actually needs, the runes requirement to level up further was already too high. Dunno if you can reset stats in Elden Ring, you could in some of the previous games but also easily missed. So he has resorted to you tube guides as the game doesn't explain itself and now running around with cheese items.

As for how it runs in his eyes, perfectly smooth on ps5, looks gorgeous. He's playing on a 1080p tv so I assume it's a locked 60fps there. No crashes, runs great.