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Conina said:
DonFerrari said:

Hey Conina, I see that you made a sum for the DX12 group (which is certainly the overwhelming majority of PCs), could you do sum for 3 categories, lower ballpark, similar, and above ballpark compared to Series X and PS5?

About 20% of the Steam PCs are in the PS5/XBSX ballpark (so slightly lower to way higher performance)... should be around 30 - 50 million PCs compared to 34 million consoles:

If we include the RTX 2060, it's every fourth PC instead of every fifth PC:

But most of the RTX 2060 models will have problems with some newer games due to the 6 GB VRAM, so I normally leave it out. The RTX 2060 12 GB models should be fine.

So perhaps 25-35% equal or above, and 65-75% below PS5/Series.

Considering the rythm like PS4/X1 gen it would be like 50% match by end of their gen or something like that I guess?

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