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Pemalite said:

Gun control works. Australia is evidence of it, the fact that there is a false sense of fear that guns will be permanently banned by conservatives is just flawed logic.
It didn't happen here despite the screeching in the 90's.

We still have guns here, but they don't get handed out like lollies, there is a process to obtaining a license, with accompanying training, firearm security and more to go with it.
In short, someone suffering mental health issues or has a criminal history is unlikely to be able to obtain a license and thus a firearm.

You need a vehicle license due to how dangerous vehicles are, it makes sense to roll that out to other high risk activities.

The sad thing is when you say this to some American's  how it has worked in Australia they  spit out the old knifes kill people, cars run over people, things you see in Aus every now and then, or they see the farmer story that lost everything shoot his family for example.

What they don't get is that certain guns make it easier to kill someone and at a faster rate. Most people that do these massacres need the gun as a knife they be to gutless to do it, and if they did well you can get a group of people jump that person and disarm them and far less people would die.

In reality if they looked at Aus, since Port Arthur, we haven't had a massacre of that nature (i.e. a stranger shooting strangers). The worst we gotten is some guy with a hand gun from memory in probably 2008 now who shot like 3-4 people?