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Drakrami said:

What you have listed is so naive... Seriously, have a school psychiatrist evaluate every student? Then what? The ones with potential problems gets sent somewhere or keep on receiving therapy? That will somehow prevent people from snapping and go on a rampage? People snap all over the world. The USA problem is guns are readily available for the snappers to do mass damage. They like to broadcast it too and brag about the mass damage they are able to cause. 

In denial, putting bandages on instead of curing the problem. 600million guns, so what? If you start now and have some sort of normalcy with guns ownership, that number can be 300million in 10 years. In 20-30 years, may be USA can become a normal country where people aren't getting shot daily. Once you have guns under control, may be then police aren't scared the shit out of every time they inspect someone and police violence will be solved as well. 

The idea that people "just snap" is ridiculous. The Buffalo shooter didn't "just snap." He was indoctrinated with white supremacist ideology. The various Incel shooters didn't "just snap." They were indoctrinated with Incel ideology. This shooter likely didn't "just snap" either. You honestly don't think there are any interventions that can be done to break the White-Supremacist and Incel pipelines that exist in the U.S? 

Trying to eliminate 600 million guns, and almost certainly failing is the "bandage rather than cure" solution. Solving the source problems of most shootings: white supremacy, misogyny, organized crime relating to the drug trade, and social alienation are the radical solutions in that they strike the root of the problems. 

Now tell me, how are you going to get rid of enough of the 600 million guns that there would be a significant enough effect on supply so that people who want to commit this violence can't just get a gun in the black market? Will you increase police presence? How will BIPOC people perceive this increased police presence and what would the effect be on our communities? Who would be targeted in the enforcement of these laws? And you are calling my solutions naive? 

Last edited by sc94597 - on 25 May 2022