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Hiku said:
ConservagameR said:

March 25th 2021?

Looks like Elon knew or assumed it was coming, long, ago.

So guilty, or aware of what was likely coming if he made certain moves in the future?

I'm sorry, could you explain what you are trying to say with his? I don't follow.

The settlement for the sexual misconduct claim of $250 000 was paid in march 2018. Three years before the tweet you posted.
So I suppose he could have been thinking of it when he wrote that tweet in your post. But it could also have been something else.

Though the fact that he said "political attacks on me will escalate drastically in the coming months" on the same day that Business Insider reached out to him for a comment before publishing the story, is obviously not a coincidence.

Except there's nothing political about what allegedly happened on that plane.
So it appears like he came out as a Republican on that same day, to get automatic support from Republicans, and to paint this as a political attack.

May 18

Not exactly Yagami Light level execution on that plan. But tbf, the vast majority of his supporters probably won't notice the timing.
So it'll probably be effective regardless.

The post I was quoting was making a point of a seemingly related Twitter post date, so I made a similar point about a far earlier post date. Maybe they mean something, maybe they don't.

The reception of the Twitter purchase hasn't exactly been celebrated by the left politically, and now this sex scandal oddly pops up. Hard not to think of a similar relatively recent thing happening to Trump and Kavanaugh, though it seems to happen to many once they enter the political sphere in some way. I can only assume this is his line of thinking, especially since it's Elon Musk of all people.

Perhaps Elon is looking to enter politics? Perhaps his tweets are linked? Perhaps he's guilty?

Maybe it's all just a game?