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HFW weapons, armor and pouch upgrades system are too grindy. It is much better in ER.
HFW's Spike thrower and blastsling are much more effective than anything else in the game. ER has a better variety of weapons.
Aloy can't buy items from vendors directly into the stash.
Aloy does the loot animation at each point.
HFW's Exploration is not as fun or rewarding as ER. Most rewards are cosmetic (ornaments, drones, totems, vista points). ER's exploration is the best in gaming's history, on par with BOTW.
You get a certain mount way too late in HFW which makes it almost negligible to the comparison.
HFW's story is dragged for too long. Both it and the side quests are predictable. Not so much in ER.
HFW is bugged as hell, sometimes Aloy clips through terrain during a cinematic, while climbing, or riding a mount. Some random characters spawn out of nowhere and some spawned missing some limbs. Rarely happened in ER.
World design is great in both but i prefer ER's.
Difficulty curve is bad in both games. HFW's difficulty at Hard is challenging at first but drops "hard" after 30-40 hours into the game. ER's difficulty is actually a horizontal uneven zigzag, one time you're OP and the other you get one shotted.
HFW has a better and more memorable OST list, at least in my case.
HFW's graphics are far better than ER.

I guess that's my take

Last edited by icykai - on 21 May 2022