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Kinda offtopic but I've been thinking a lot about people's reactions to Elden Ring and what my reaction could be. I consider myself a Fromsoft fan, I bought Demon's Souls on the PS3 before Dark Souls launched and had an absolute blast with it. Actually it was my first PS3 game and it remains precious to me and also one of my top 5 favorites on that console. That being said I didn't love the games that came afterward: Dark Souls was good and the way the areas connected was better than Demon's but the story left A LOT to be desired. DS2 felt extremely derivative of Demon's and DS1. I didn't hate DS2 but it was just okay.

I have 0 interest in DS3 and some interest in Bloodborne but I do wonder if Elden Ring is as amazing as people say. From an outside perspective it just seems like open world Dark Souls.