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Part two of the news:

Silt is Limbo for people who need the extra terror of the deep sea, and arrives next month
Limbo's an all-timer when it comes to brutal, unnerving monochrome platformers. But Limbo's almost 12 years old, it's about time someone came to not only knock it off its pedestal, but sink it into the murky, oppressive depths of the scariest place on Earth: the ocean.
We first caught Silt at last year's PC Gaming Showcase, describing it as Abzu meets Limbo. It is, in fact, very much that—with you taking control of a diver swimming through an oppressive, desaturated underwater labyrinth where vision is limited and death comes quick.

The team that brought us sexy Colonel Sanders is working on a Dead by Daylight dating sim
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer game about torture, murder, and unspeakable savagery and horror. But later this year it will experiment with a softer side of its persona in Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, which will let players frolic with four dead-sexy psycho killers on the tropical paradise of Murderer's Island.

Blizzard's next Overwatch 2 event will take place in June
Overwatch 2 is a little confusing. As Morgan put it last week after spending some time in the first beta, it's not actually "Overwatch 2," in the sense that it's not really a sequel but more like an expansion of the original Overwatch. It's a state of affairs that an awful lot of fans expecting a full-on new game aren't really happy with.

It's really starting to look like Bloober Team is making a new Silent Hill game
The likelihood of a return of Konami's much-loved Silent Hill continues to grow. Following last week's leak of images purportedly from a reboot of the series, multiple sources have said that a remake of Silent Hill 2 and a full-on sequel are possibly in the works.

Vampire survival game V Rising is out now
Swedish developer Stunlock Studios was the team behind arena brawler Battlerite, and has brought some of that style of action to V Rising, making for a rare combination—a survival game with combat that doesn't suck. You know what does suck? Vampires, with the blood-drinking and that. V Rising is a multiplayer survival game where you're a wannabe Count Dracula, chopping down trees and building a castle when you're not dodging daylight and hunting peasants.

Total War: Warhammer 3's 1.2 update means more siege defences, less towers, free mounts
The latest update for Total War: Warhammer 3 brings it up to version 1.2 and adds seven Regiments of Renown. These are elite mercenary units who were mostly included with paid DLC in previous games but are now being parceled into updates for free. It's a significant patch in terms of rebalancing and improvements as well, with a lot of changes that should make players happy.

Epic pays for Sherlock Holmes studio to relocate employees out of Kyiv
Epic has taken a clear stance with regards to the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war, most notably raising $144 million in humanitarian relief through Fortnite sales. Now, the publisher has awarded a 'MegaGrant' to the Kyiv-based Frogwares, developer of the excellent Sherlock Holmes series, in order to help it relocate and support employees affected by the conflict.
>> Call me cynical but, given that there are a lot of studios affected by this nonsense but they're helping a successful one, this is out of kindness and not a long term plan to buy them.

Apex Legends' newest legend isn't coming to PC
Meet Fade, Apex Legends' newest hero. He's a phase-powered mercenary who, like Tracer Overwatch, can rewind time with his tactical ability, send allies and enemies to an alternate dimension with his ult, and gains a speed boost after sliding. He also has a skull mask ripped straight out of Call of Duty and, oh, right, he probably won't ever be playable on PC or console.

Amazon Games says it's 'fighting a war' against the bots infesting Lost Ark
Lost Ark has had a problem with bots for a while now, and publisher Amazon Games has been commendably frank thus far about how it is and plans to deal with them.
A new blogpost once again addresses the issue, beginning: "We know that bots have been causing frustration within the community, and we share in that frustration."

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