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Runa216 said:

Is this a good selection? I genuinely don't know.

Also, how does it compare, numbers-wise to GamePass? I can't seem to get any sort of consistency with answers on that. I search "How many games are on GamePass" and I get answers ranging from "over 100" to 460. I went to the Gamepass Library and it looks like 460 is the answer but if that's the case then why only market it as that instead of 'over 450 games'? I just don't get it. Likewise, anyone know what the current PSNow library is at? When I looked a while back I saw it as 700 but that seems absurdly high so I doubt that's the case.

It is a good list for newcomers or people that didn't buy many titles, but for me I already own every game I care except Valhalla which I'll buy when it is cheap.

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