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Qwark said:

Imam looking to replace my T500 base, because it isn't supported on PS5, so it's a pretty good review.

I believe your T500 was replaced by the T-GT model or something like that.  Just an FYI, since I'm figuring if you bought a T500, you're more serious and probably want something with even more force lol

ironmanDX said:
ZyroXZ2 said:

I actually made time to come back in case there were replies, and there... weren't any

Yup, the racing genre isn't what it used to be. People have either left or migrated to a more casual game that doesn't require a steering wheel like FH5. 

Hell, I'm even playing f1 2021 with a controller. I'll use it for Forza 8 too. 

The hardest of the hardcore remain, probably not many of who frequent this site. 

The irony there is that racing sims have never been as accessible as they are now: playing a racing sim with a controller is something I've tried (including with GT7), and I just can't do it because I can quite literally "feel" the assists needed to make that work.  And yet, I understand the simplicity as well.  However, I would note that I played FH5 on a controller because that's more of a sim-cade.  It just uses the mechanics, but massively speeds it up in a way that would make using a steering wheel a bit farcical lol

Yea, I know: many forums I used to go to are long dead/gone.  Forums themselves are a somewhat dying concept overall: everyone's split themselves up into their own communities now that there are so many tools to create your own no matter how small/few.  BUT, I remain since this was one of the forums that didn't give me shit back in the day when I would come around with my own stuff.  That, and the toxicity here has always remained relatively low

SegaHeart said:

The name Thrustmaster sounds very sexual tbh, Sounds like a guy packing 9 inches and is The Thrustmaster?

*13 inches.  You gotta hit the double-digits to have a nickname like "Thrustmaster"!

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