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My faint understanding on the chip shortage is that China isn’t able to produce the CPU’s at a fast rate like they used to do. So gaming systems aren’t being produced to meet customer demand. 

I believe PlayStation is suffering the most in this situation. Consumer demand for the PS5 is really high across the globe. Customers have to pay around $1000 for a system or buy something else!

Switch is in a pretty good place with so many systems already in homes. Developers are successfully selling software on it. 

Xbox Series is the only powerhouse that you can buy right now at a decent price. If it weren’t for the shortages, Xbox Series would probably be much further behind PS5. As it stands, they are pretty close to each other in sales. 

I don’t have any opinions on PS4 or Steam Deck as of right now. What are your thoughts, which gaming system is hindered the least or helped the most by this situation?