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Idk how long it'll take the average American to realize that their red/blue neighbor isn't the problem. A majority of Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same corporate-owned coin. A lot of corporations and high-seated individuals in those corporations have a history in donating and lobbying for both Dems and Repubs when it's convenient for them, your individual rights and beliefs be damned.

A majority of Americans agree that abortion should be legal but here we have rumor that Supreme Court Justices, appointed for life mind you, might just strike down that right to bodily integrity. Who appointed these people to rule for life? Corporate bought politicians that's who. Same with universal healthcare, a majority of Americans believe there should be comprehensive universal healthcare provided by the government but guess what we don't have.

And people actually think the reason U.S. electoral politics gives way to so little meaningful change, is because Joe Blow down the street happens to be blue/red.

The U.S. political machine is working as intended and it's intended to work for the 1% not the 99%.