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tsogud said:
Cobretti2 said:

You bring up some solid points there.

Ah yes I forgot about the bigots towards different sexual orientations. It always amazes me how people care so much about what others do that is harmless to their existence. I mean shit if anything they should be happy that their is less competition against them in trying to find a partner, but I guess fear of homophobia is stronger in their minds.

I guess race/ethnicity I forgot a long time ago. That is probably to a degree why I said what I said without realising it. Even though I am white, when I moved to Australia there was a bit of racism towards us. That is why we just learned to not rely on anyone and stand on our own two feet as government assistance back then wasn't great, even finding work was a challenge for my parents in their field of study. Either do nothing and fail and be miserable or work hard and better your life that was the mentality that I grew into so for me politics has become of a whatever as long as they not extreme radicals 9/10 times it doesn't matter to much who is in power. And to be fair Australia as far as I know hasn't ever voted in a Trump or a Hitler equivalent so they are relatively harmless and more looking to line their own pockets. So perhaps our political ties are not so entrenched in our lives as for most of us it hasn't made a significant impact one way or the other plus for most of us we are pretty chilled here. 

Actually there is one group of people I hate, and that is the damn bloody media lol. It is like they decided that clickbait headlines to create chaos about COVID, politics, sport etc is a MUST because they know most people will not read behind the headline so all it does it create drama and people arguing about the headline and what they think the news story is about.

That's very interesting about Australians being racist towards you. It's always fascinating learning about different countries political and cultural differences. It's good to hear you didn't let those bigots get to you. I personally don't care what anyone thinks about my "lifestyle" but when the discrimination is systemic it's a lot harder to just live my life.

Yeah lmao I 100000% agree with you on the media part. Especially nowadays with so much misinformation going around in traditional media. It's crazy.

That was in the 90s, so things are a little different these days for me and in general as the younger generations are taught to be more accepting (but a few bad eggs still exit cause of their parent teaching them that way). it's funny when I went to the US in 2007 they all thought I was Australian. In Australia people think I'm part Euro  part Aussie because my ascent ain't the full blown Aussie one  lol. People have also told me when I talk to my parents my accent changes to be full on Euro and they can barely understand me lol.

Also back in the 90s you would also see job ads that said stuff like this "All can apply except Indian people" as an example lol. Mind you the Indian population in the 90s was almost non existent where I lived.

Agree that systemic discrimination needs to be knocked out and I guess to a degree each country is at a different length along that journey. Hopefully as a species we keep evolving beyond what we are today and as a planet come up with basic human right values that all countries adopt. It would be nice where in a world for example people don't get stoned because "it is traditional law" for people outside the perceived norm.