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tsogud said:
Cobretti2 said:

At the end of the day politics is a waste of time. No matter who is in power you cannot rely on them to make your life better because the sails always change directions.

A better life needs to come from within and you as an individual need to make the right choices that meet your expectation and goals you want in life.

Now, I wouldn't say that's entirely true. Politics isn't just about who's in power or not. Some people's, dare I say a lot of people's, lives can be seen by others as inherently political. For example, being queer or even poor. A queer person like me just wanting to live my life, express my gender, and love who I love can be seen by bigots as inherently political and "shoving it in their face," so much so that laws were made to keep me from living my life. Just existing could be seen as a political act by those who oppose. Even poor people just trying to get by and better themselves is seen by some as political due to the use of government assistance in some cases, among other things. Same can be said of race/ethnicity, disability, etc. The ability to pursue one's happiness and politics can be very much linked for a lot of individuals.

You bring up some solid points there.

Ah yes I forgot about the bigots towards different sexual orientations. It always amazes me how people care so much about what others do that is harmless to their existence. I mean shit if anything they should be happy that their is less competition against them in trying to find a partner, but I guess fear of homophobia is stronger in their minds.

I guess race/ethnicity I forgot a long time ago. That is probably to a degree why I said what I said without realising it. Even though I am white, when I moved to Australia there was a bit of racism towards us. That is why we just learned to not rely on anyone and stand on our own two feet as government assistance back then wasn't great, even finding work was a challenge for my parents in their field of study. Either do nothing and fail and be miserable or work hard and better your life that was the mentality that I grew into so for me politics has become of a whatever as long as they not extreme radicals 9/10 times it doesn't matter to much who is in power. And to be fair Australia as far as I know hasn't ever voted in a Trump or a Hitler equivalent so they are relatively harmless and more looking to line their own pockets. So perhaps our political ties are not so entrenched in our lives as for most of us it hasn't made a significant impact one way or the other plus for most of us we are pretty chilled here. 

Actually there is one group of people I hate, and that is the damn bloody media lol. It is like they decided that clickbait headlines to create chaos about COVID, politics, sport etc is a MUST because they know most people will not read behind the headline so all it does it create drama and people arguing about the headline and what they think the news story is about.