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JRPGfan said:

Time to sell, before he does.
When he bought in, his fame kickstarted a rave and probably made the thing shoot into the air.
I'd wait a week or so, and dump them (if I had any invested in it).

"Elon Musk in a late-Thursday tweet announced that he is placing his Twitter acquisition bid on "temporary hold" over doubts about the platform's spam-bot data. Twitter, in a recent SEC regulatory filing, disclosed that spam bots made up less than 5% of its userbase. The filing revealed that Twitter has 229 million users that viewed consistent ads, while fewer than 5% of the "monetizable daily active users" were fake or spam-bot accounts. Financial analysts predict the substantial fall in cryprocurrency values, as well as a $400 billion drop in market-capitalization of the Tesla stock since Musk announced plans to buy Twitter, may have made the world's richest man squeamish about buying Twitter, and that he is probably looking for a legally safe escape route from the deal. Twitter shares plummeted in value since the Musk tweet."

Beginning of april, stock was at 39 (it had been trending upwards, for abit before that as well, from like 33).
Musk notices, and jumps in on it. Musk rumors/buying it, and it goes up to 51 points.

I said, might as well sell it, before he does.

Since then, its gone down abit, and up abit (back to 51 points) and down again... and its now trending downards (44 or so).
If Musk backs out, I'd imagine it drops below 39.

The right time to buy and sell, was when it was at 51 points.

sethnintendo said:

Let's look at dogecoin which is junk crypto that Elon heavily promoted till it reached peak at around 70 cents.  How many losers did he get to commit to a joke currency?

This is my thing as well.
I feel like, its happended too many times.
Musk loves to joke around, use his name and influence, and stocks shoot up, and then he sells.
He causes lots of people to lose, if they invest and dont back out before he does.

Thats why I did this post (below) earlier on in this thread:

JRPGfan said:
rapsuperstar31 said:

I think it could go multiple directions, Elon may hold onto his shares and the stock may rise and fall like all the meme stocks tend to do whenever someone tweets something positive about it.  Elon could sell all of his shares and the stock could tank, or Elon could try a hostile takeover and try to buy Twitter outright in which case the shares could jump.

I just feel like this has happended alot.
He uses his fame and PR, and a tweet or something, and a stock goes up, and then a week or so lateron, he tweets something else and it drops.
Its like he enjoys messing around with the stocks, based on his say so.

Hes also, done this before, where he boughts something, it goes up, and then he sells.
Knowing full well his "makeing a big hoo-ha, about buying stocks, forces it up".

People that follow trends, usually do so late, and end up burnt.
Like if you follow musk, I'd be nervous about keeping stocks that got a bump out of him, for long.

ei. dont buy stocks because of musk, do it if you believe in it yourself.
because Musk enjoys messing around too much lol.

But to each their own.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 13 May 2022