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TallSilhouette said:

As others have said it's less about right or left and more about good and bad information. Where you're getting your information is essential:

The Associated Press is generally the most factual, unbiased, original reporting out there, but can be a bit dry. If you need some flavor you can consult the chart and pay attention to where they fall on the spectrums of bias and accuracy.

If you're looking for commentary and theory, I enjoy content from David Pakman, Last Week Tonight, Some More News, Brian Tyler Cohen, Shaun, Innuendo Studios, Three Arrows, Robert Reich, The Damage Report, etc. These are not replacements for original news sources however and should not be the only contents of your media diet.

AP is great, and Innuendo and Three Arrows are a good vtuber. 

The problem with the US is the left is not left at all. It is a more progressive and liberal social( some marked with left in this chart, in West Europe, Latin America, and Asia will be centric or right). Maccarthism kills big chunks of the left in the US.

But, agreed good information it´s more important than sides. Nobody is unbiased, but good journalism is bring light to a topic. 

The ideal centric it´s a fachade. Everyone has agendas and needs good information more than picking sides.

Last edited by Agente42 - on 13 May 2022