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Xxain said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

I was replying to this line: "I forsee a future where all big 3rd party publishers of today will be exclusive to Microsoft or Sony".

the-pi-guy said:

I would definitely expect the same games to stay on PC. Whether they remain on Switch/Xbox, is a lot harder to say. Kingdom Hearts probably because it is more entangled with Disney. 

Yuji Horii is the sole owner of the Dragon Quest series via his private company, Armor Project, which has an exclusive publishing contract with Square Enix. The series also sell best on Nin systems.

This is not true. Yoji Hori is the creator of Dragon Quest. Armor Project is development team behind Dragon Quest. Enix and now Currently Square Enix has always owned the rights to franchise. Man, this is Japan; no creator EVER owns their IP unless they self fund and publish. Ever. 

Yuji and Armor Project own Dragon Quest too, not just Square Enix.

Last edited by HoangNhatAnh - on 12 May 2022