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RolStoppable said:
Pionner said:

Shipped is sold in this case. There are no consoles on shelves. They’re selling every PS5 they can make. 

You can’t make a comparison with ship vs sold with PS5 high demand and stock shortages.

People really believe since shipping 19.3M March 31st that there’s PS5 stock out there still? Ok. You can’t account for overstock because there are none.

It's called "units in transit." Sony doesn't wait for counting a sale for them as a company until a PS5 unit has arrived at a store. Once an order has been placed and has been sent underway, it's already sold for Sony a.k.a. shipped.

EDIT: @trunkswd 

You used the wrong link in your article, yours leads to Sony's Q3 results. This is the correct one for Q4 and the full year:

And here is the more detailed one that lists PS shipments on page 9:

No offense....but this sounds like a new excuse. I don’t know whether to defend vgchartz always being inaccurate, or people doubting PS5 sales. 

Once again, you cannot use that method with PS5. Whatever Sony ships they sell. There’s no PS5 stock anywhere. It’s been 2 weeks since March 31st where this sites data reports. Even if I believed that assertion, all those “unites in transit” would have been sold already. 

More importantly, when Sony reports shipped, it’s shipped to retailers meaning they already bought them and is in their warehouses. Not that consoles are still in transit. So that fact automatically makes that “unit in transit argument” factually wrong.

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