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For me, it's the original PlayStation just for the bootup screen

But, it's still my favorite Sony console. I have so many amazing memories for that thing! But not for the same type of games that many associate with the console like Final Fantasy VII or Metal Gear Solid because my mom never would get me those kinds of games lol but the top 5 for me are

1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
2. Crash Bandicoot 2
3. Colony Wars
4. Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
5. Wipeout XL

Then as for 5 honorable mentions in no order

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing
The Emperor's New Groove
Spyro the Dragon
Dino Crisis (cousin gave to me in secret)

Last edited by gtotheunit91 - on 09 May 2022