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Jumpin said:
ConservagameR said:

I'd argue it's one of the biggest FU money moves in history, tied up with the biggest shadow like ban pre maneuver to keep one's self (and others) from being banned (and getting some unbanned).

Slowly but surely buy up shares until you're ready, then make a few larger purchases that make you the largest private shareholder. Then make your moves in a manner which either forces Twitter to sell, or leads to the platform suffering far greater than it already was if they don't. Twitter itself is partially to thank.

It looks like Elon has had a lot built up that he's wanted to say on Twitter, based on more recent tweets, aware that he's not the only one, yet hasn't been able to express them, knowing that if Twitter is willing and able to ban the President of the US, then there's no stopping them from banning Musk and anything associated with him, like his companies.

If you're someone like Musk, who likely has an idea, or knows other elites think having too much media influence is a major problem, even if some of those elites already have too much media influence (and ownership), and you've got the money, then buying something like Twitter seems kind of obvious, especially from a strategic business perspective.

Now not only can Elon say as he pleases, but he can do so knowing he and his associations will never be punished on one of the most influential platforms ever to exist. As per usual, his genius being put on display along with some of his opponents and dissenters misplaced fearful acknowledgement.

In a world of cancel culture, if you've got the money to buy influence, you buy it, and if you can outright own it, it's your eventual downfall if you don't.

Imagine being so fucked in the head that the logical conclusion of “I wanna post dumb shit on the Internet” was buying a 50 billion dollar microblogging platform? But let’s be real, the Twitter purchase is Elon’s Mazda Miata.

Well how much is that 50 billion to Musk? Just because it's a big number to almost everyone else, don't mean it's big for him.

There seems to be plenty of people upset he bought Twitter, figuring he'll change it, so they must all love that junk as well.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Caviar ain't for everyone.