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Granted I haven't completed HFW yet, I think Elden Ring is (by far) the better game.

The main thing is the gameplay and ER delivers that in spades. HFW is I found was just okay. It didn't really push the boat out and it felt like I was playing Zero Dawn just with prettier graphics and a few extra things added in. Only.. the luster has gone a bit, since the origin story has already been told.

I don't usually care for much for story in action RPG's but also found the MC insufferable in Horizon and the story uninteresting. Not to mention there being too  much dialogue and cut scenes (which I didn't care for). ER has much of its lore from expositions but I found it much more interesting and characters and even NPC's through side missions and the little cut-scenes it has.

There's also stuff in the game that's simply time wasting in HFW... like gathering for item pickups; which is integral to the mechanics but you have to keep watching the same damn animation every.damn.time. Maybe its not my kinda game lol.

Last edited by hinch - on 08 May 2022