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Doctor_MG said:

I absolutely hate that gamers continue to discuss these acquisitions as if they are going to be beneficial for us in the end. The more publishers get purchased by others the worse it will be for gamers and workers alike. The gaming industry is slowly changing for the worst. Maybe it isn't bad today, but it's headed in a bad direction.

From what I've gathered, if one company, let's say Sony buys more studios then they get more games which means they get more customers.

If Sony has all the games people want as console exclusives then naturally people will gravitate towards the playstation family of systems which means, people who can only afford one system at a time won't be giving money to other console makers.

Just like with hardcore Microsoft fans they want all games on their platform and not feel any need to buy another one. I've seen so many playstation owners prey this news is true so final fantasy and dragon quest will be "only on playstation" while also getting games like octopath traveller and triangle strategy