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padib said:
Zkuq said:

It's not that easy though. Twitter can't host itself; someone else has to do it. IIRC hosting providers have shown their willingness to stop hosting services they find problematic, and finding a new hosting provider for a service the size of Twitter might not be simple. This should provide Musk some freedom if he so desires, but by no means does this guarantee absolute freedom (even within legal limits, whatever that means for an internationally provided service).

As far as I know, Twitter is on AWS, and Bezos is Musk's direct competitor outside of twitter. I wouldn't be surprised if Musk leveraged his own platforms to bypass the censorship or obstruction. Nowadays people are aware of the monopoly on cloud services and are gearing up against it.

Bezos owns WAPO, Blue Origin, and the Kuiper Project. He's competing with Musk with Twitter, SpaceX, and Starlink. WAPO had an article recently about it being a problem for wealthy private owners to have too much influence through media ownership. This is the same WAPO that was constantly writing legit negative stories about Bezos for years before Bezos realized he couldn't sue them to make them stop, so he just bought them.

I'd love to see Apple and Google ban Twitter from their ecosystems, then have AWS kick them off their servers, just like they all did to Parler.

Go ahead and have big tech ban Twitter. If things aren't obvious yet, they will become blatantly obvious to everyone after that.

It's also highly unlikely that Elon doesn't have a backup plan. He had multiple for just buying Twitter and it's not like he couldn't predict the potential problems that would come afterwards whether he did acquire it, focused on another platform instead, or started his own.

If Parler still exists, which it does, then Twitter certainly could. Mind you, if the Silicon Valley types start playing games like, if we can't have it, neither can you, then there's going to start to be more and more getting bought up and shut down sooner than later.

This is a win win situation for Musk and he knows it. The guy gave up all his coolest stuff and lives like he's middle class for the most part. If he losses 50 billion he's not gunna care much because it'll make him 100 billion+ in sympathy and respect coin soon afterwards.

If Elon get's by unscathed, he wins. If big tech strikes Twitter down, he becomes a martyr.

Last edited by ConservagameR - on 07 May 2022