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Yeah Cyberpunk 2077 is probably the closest as we're going to get as a living, breathing city - to explore in a cyberpunk setting for a game.. at least for now. While CDPR didn't quite deliver in every aspect like usable flying cars and stuff it was still so much fun to play.

Really looking forward to the expansions for it. Hopefully they'll add more to Night City and its inhabitants. Flying cars and some futuristic mini games on the side would be pretty cool.

I'd love another see another company try and make something like that again in a big open world. We could've got one in the vein of Prey 2 (by Human Head Studios) but alas, Bethesda cancelled that game. What I wouldn't give for a bounty hunter Blade Runner-esque type game.,

There's also this.. an indie game called Vigilance 2099 but that kinda looks bleh lol. Love the setting though!