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I recently finished the best Cyberpunk game released the last couple of years.

Customize your character.

Good shooting gameplay.

Big world to explore.

Fantatic OST.

Why none other than, The Ascent. More people should play this as it's an absolutely fantastic top down shooter RPG.

I'm a fan of the Cyberpunk genre in both Film/TV and games.

Of course there is the Deus Ex games (I love the last 2).

Snatcher. One of Kojima's best works.

Scarlet Nexus and Astral Chain more recent anime takes on the genre that are great. Tho in the purest sense debated if CP at all.

Ruiner is a great top down twin stick in the genre.

Observer which had Rutger Howard before he passed away.

As just a phew but nowhere near all examples.

Then some shitty ones like Detroit Become Human (so tone deaf in the awful writing) or Foreclosed. Looked neat but is bland and boring. CP 2077 which is a disaster rushed GTA clone with a CP skin but is hardly a CP game. May have fixed some bugs since release but the story and mechanics are still there. Still a bunch of broken promises. Regardless I know some people ended up liking it. It's a divisive game.

For those not too familiar with the genre. The short end of it is Cyberpunk is typically a high tech Neo-Noir world than can have technological achievements such as space travel,androids, cyborgs, High end AI or Holographic AI, synthetic humans in a world that has become run down or lawless. After a collapse of society and/or a decaying one.  Typically taking part  in large mega cities with no greenery in site. Neon signs and run by high-end corporations. Most depictions are seedy. R/M rated. Not all.

Anyone else a Cyberpunk fan?

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!