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ConservagameR said:
RolStoppable said:

If you didn't make such an effort to twist my words, you would most likely not confuse yourself so much.

Do you think Elon is confused?

The question wasn't for me, but no I dont think he is confused, he know exactly what he is doing. He is not the typical billionaire and I wish more billionaires could be like him instead of Jeff Besos for example, or bankers (fuck bankers).

He understands of course twitter is a private company, but he thinks (my opinion) that twitter reached a status where it is more than a company, it became de facto the public square for people public discourse. I would include other places alongside such as reddit and facebook, reddit is the worst. In being a "public square" it has the responsibility to allow free speech, to allow ideas to be discussed and let public decide which ones are good or not, and not a board of people deciding "this can be published, this cannot".

As he have seen recently, a combined effort by just a few of those companies is enough to bury a story, a person, a subject to be discussed.

But I think his strategy is not the best. I think the impact of him and a few other people by leaving twitter and opening an account in another lookalike company would have a much bigger impact in the discussion. Or open himself a new company, or buy a smaller one and throw money in it.