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RolStoppable said:
ConservagameR said:

Don't the people vote for the politicians though? Because if they don't, well, let's not go there.

The system is also set up so the minority shouldn't get ignored and crushed and as you stated, it's the Republicans who try and crush the minorities, not the Democrats. This goes along with the idea that conservatives are more so against democracy and would rather simply have few rulers with slaves.

So if the crazy left as you agree, is a vocal minority, it would then stand to reason, that the Democrat politicians are actually listening and setting their agenda at least partially to that crazy minorities liking. Otherwise the Democrat politicians are purposely ignoring their voters, the poor minority, which would go against the idea that the liberals are the one's hardcore for a just democracy.

I'm not saying conservatives are right and liberals are wrong, I'm just pointing out that both sides have their flaws, which they tend to like to ignore.

I have a hard time following your train of logic for the simple reason that it makes a few assumptions that are definitely not true to begin with.

What's clear is that it's easy to tell that the democrat politicians are ignoring the crazy far-left, because if they didn't, the bills and laws they pushed for and through would be very different. It isn't contradictory that at least a portion of the crazy far-left will vote the democrats regardless due to the political system of the USA. While the democrats may not do what the crazy far-left wants, they remain the far better option of the two major parties when it comes to voting.

You already pointed out that the Republicans are against the minority, which is a really bad thing and makes them poor leadership. If the Democrats are doing the same thing, ignoring the minority, doesn't that also mean it's a really bad thing and they're poor leadership?

Contradictory isn't really the right word to describe it. It would just be extremely illogical. Some people will work for free, in the hopes that they will eventually get paid. It doesn't take long before those people eventually leave and go elsewhere if they don't get paid in due time. It makes little to no sense for someone, or a group, to only ever vote for one party, even though that party never does anything for them.

Hiding small things, sometimes many, in (big) bills, happens all the time, and most are aware of this. That's one of the easiest ways to get things through that would be controversial enough that the people wouldn't accept and their political representatives would vote against. The media tends to only cover the main portion of the bills, so the people don't get to find out, unless they go to lesser known media, or take the time to read the entirety of the bills themselves. Both sides are guilty of this.

As for how bills and laws would be different, this is the same type of point that Dulfite and Torillian were trying to make, which were poor arguments because both were suggesting things will or could be a certain way, when both were just taking educated guesses at best, and really didn't know because they couldn't. Nobody can know for certain what the past could have been, or what the future will be.