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numberwang said:

Calling this a "once in a lifetime pandemic" shows how much people had moved in a echo chamber because of censorship. Information and consent are a necessity for a functional democracy. The perpetual lockdowns and censorship in China right now prove what an absurd mistake zero-covid policies were and are even though they were promoted by the uniparty and their media in fake "free democracies". I hope that Elon can bring a bit of balance back towards balanced information but I doubt that he is successful. We shouldn't have to rely on "good oligarchs" to save information and consent.

I should have mentioned in my last post about this, that while nobody wants to have to go through what some believe is taking place, that the Founding Fathers did make it clear that tough times would lie ahead no matter how well the system they had developed worked. That the people would have to constantly be keeping an eye on things, otherwise eventually the system would teeter too far one way, or bad actors would get put in charge, leading to things having to be fixed the hard way, if not the worst way, by the people.

"Good oligarchs" as you put it, were responsible for the creation of America. It's not really surprising that good oligarchs would potentially need to eventually rise again and save it.

numberwang said:

Democrats just raised military spending to new heights, refused student loan forgiveness, enabled draconian lockdown laws, pushed the USA close to a nuclear conflict with Russia, created the highest inflation in US history, open borders, pushing censorship for science, supporting regime changes throughout the world, etc. The uniparty has different talking points to dazzle smoothbrains but actual policies are identical.

It's easy for some, whoever they are, to ignore what may be good or bad, useful or disadvantageous, when it's a balancing act. When you've got someone else to either help prop you up, back you up, or cover you up, it's not always easy to see where you may be wrong.

It's not typically until they, end up on their own, with nobody but themselves to decide, to either accept the glory or defeat of the execution of their idea's. While that in itself is highly unlikely to occur within a Country, it can take place if enough people move away from the problem area's and into far better run locations.

Last edited by ConservagameR - on 15 April 2022