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RolStoppable said:
ConservagameR said:

In the same sense, in America, as per the liberals, everything that doesn't fit what the Dems are doing or saying, is not even conservative, but automatically racist or Nazi. A growing portion of both sides is getting more radical.

Bill Maher, who's been extremely against Trump and the conservatives over the past 4 or so years, has been saying recently the center hasn't changed much, but the left has gone crazy for some time and is way out to left field. He also thinks the right has shifted more right, mostly due to Trump since 2016.

My point is pretty simple. If someone like Maher is saying the left has gone way too far left, Dulfites point about past Democrats (like President Clinton) reacting less harshly to a covid type scenario would seem reasonably likely. How exactly they would've reacted obviously can't be known for certain.

Dulfite, I see the point you're trying to make beyond covid, but Elon hasn't taken over Twitter just yet. No need to end up blue in the face. A virtue, patience is.

It's important to properly determine what the political left and the political right actually are in the USA. I wouldn't make that call by looking at what extremists on either side do or demand, but rather what the politicians in charge of the democrats and republicans actually do, namely the bills and laws they push for and through.

It has become a regular occurence in recent years that republicans made laws in states where they have control, laws that are so mindboggingly ridiculous that they push society 50 to 200 years back in time, living up to Trump's slogan of making America great again (i.e. giving more means of oppression back to white people or religion). On the other hand, it's rare to hear of any laws made by democrats that are facepalm-worthy.

I've only ever watched a few videos of Maher, but I am still quite sure that the left that he is complaining about is not the left that is making the laws, but rather the vocal minority which is indeed crazy.

Don't the people vote for the politicians though? Because if they don't, well, let's not go there.

The system is also set up so the minority shouldn't get ignored and crushed and as you stated, it's the Republicans who try and crush the minorities, not the Democrats. This goes along with the idea that conservatives are more so against democracy and would rather simply have few rulers with slaves.

So if the crazy left as you agree, is a vocal minority, it would then stand to reason, that the Democrat politicians are actually listening and setting their agenda at least partially to that crazy minorities liking. Otherwise the Democrat politicians are purposely ignoring their voters, the poor minority, which would go against the idea that the liberals are the one's hardcore for a just democracy.

I'm not saying conservatives are right and liberals are wrong, I'm just pointing out that both sides have their flaws, which they tend to like to ignore.

Last edited by ConservagameR - on 15 April 2022