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Torillian said:
ConservagameR said:

What proof or evidence is there that this was a once in a lifetime pandemic? It goes both ways and nobody truly knows, we can only guess.

Masking if it's clearly useful enough isn't so much the problem in a bubble I'd assume, but more so it's the question of how useful the types were, how useful they were for everyone, and why no money for (better masks) if there was a definite need, with all the money that was thrown around?

I would also guess, in a world where every type of new safety measure tends to become the norm, like our new normal, it's not ridiculous to believe that people will assume the next illness, regardless of severity, and so on, will automatically lead to masking up. Again, nobody truly knows.

I wouldn't say Clinton was an idiot overall. He was a relatively decent President in comparison. There was the whole Monica thing which wasn't exactly handled professionally, and not professional to begin with, but that's getting way off topic.

that's true I can't predict the future. When I say once-in-a-lifetime it's because right now for many people around the world (probably all) this is the single largest pandemic in their lifetime. Kind of like when I lived through a 500 year flood, that doesn't mean another 500 year flood won't happen in my lifetime but it's unlikely. 

Just adding a little balance to the conversation.

Personally I'd say both your point, and Dulfites point, are worthy points made. The odds we have another pandemic like covid is very unlikely. The odds that Democrats 25 years ago would have handled covid differently, and more properly as per those on the right, is quite likely.

Neither of you could show for certain that would be the case, because nobody can be certain of the future, or an untraveled past path.