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numberwang said:

Calling this a "once in a lifetime pandemic" shows how much people had moved in a echo chamber because of censorship. Information and consent are a necessity for a functional democracy. The perpetual lockdowns and censorship in China right now prove what an absurd mistake zero-covid policies were and are even though they were promoted by the uniparty and their media in fake "free democracies". I hope that Elon can bring a bit of balance back towards balanced information but I doubt that he is successful. We shouldn't have to rely on "good oligarchs" to save information and consent.

Elon tries to help wherever he can, where he deems a vital need, but he's only one man.

Pushes electric cars in China, high speed internet in Ukraine, space travel in America, free speech for the world.

Iron mans all like, where's the rest of the Avengers at?