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Kneetos said:

Even IF the switch is starting to hit that saturation
What are people expecting its lifetime sales to be?
28 million, 29? 30?

I don't think nintendo is concerned about the switch hitting 27+ million lifetime, its still massive and not likely to be easily topped in the future

To answer my own question, I think the switch will do 29.5 million lifetime in japan before nintendo truly moves on to their next gaming device.

Hey now, don't steal my prediction. I predicted 29.5m in November :).

Still it is good to see I am not alone, many people will disagree.

Edit: I see it is not your actual prediction. And to be honest I see no signs that the Switch is hitting saturation yet.  Saturation doesn't really kick in until rumors of the next console appear.

Last edited by Farsala - on 15 April 2022