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Jumpin said:

I find Twitter is a shitty platform for political discussion. It’s overrun by narcissistic queefs who get off on back-pats from outrage and virtue signal posts.

These sorts don’t give half a limp drunken fuck about what they’re talking about beyond how much they can make it about themselves. They live vicariously through each other as well, so that makes some shitty posters exponentially more shitty. They’re like automatons coked out on reactions, memes, and making other people feel hated.

I don’t think it’s the word count either. Despite the ocean of fecal matter, there are still sober channels taking the ego out of the equation in the more official and journalistic sections. Twitter is up there with other forms of news outlets for reporting on the Ukraine situation. Want a nice concise update that takes 5 to 10 seconds to read? Twitter is the place IF you’re only looking at those channels. That’s why articles about Twitter posts tend to be the best place to to read Twitter.

Otherwise, there’s nothing sacred about Twitter being a political speech zone. But even in those more sober channels, the shit from the ocean of virtue signalling and outrage always seems to wash up into it.

I doubt I could have worded it myself any better.