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Zkuq said:

Eh. As far as I know, you have to say some pretty bad stuff to get banned on Twitter, but you can fairly freely express your opinion. Twitter's main problem is that is absolutely sucks for any kind of serious discussion.

I managed to get deleted after one post.  I hate twitter but was just going to join it to call out musk on dogecoin when he was heavy promoting it last year.  I believe the worst thing I said was that he was a fool for promoting a joke shit coin.   Probably got axed since first post and his wannabe best friend Dorsey couldn't bare anyone insulting his bro.

I did make money off selling 110k dogecoin but unloaded before the huge pump.   Mined those shit coins for free years ago.  Once it got in the nickel to dime range I was like okay I'll sell this worthless coin now.  Should have waited longer if known musk would get a serious hardon for it.  Oh well still made some more from nothing.