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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Dulfite said:

Musk isn't a right winger. He is a moderate, a 90's Democrat, basically, just with a bit more patriotism (about the West in general, not just America) dashed on top. For him to turn Twitter into a right wing echo chamber would mean he'd start banning left wingers, which he has given no intention to do. Again, he's a moderate, not a right winger.

All conservatives expect him to do is put in place policies that protect their freedom of speech on issues such as abortion, crt, religious freedom, lower taxes for all not just the poorest, working to be successful rather than expecting government handouts which are paid for by the overtaxed middle class, right to arm and protect ourselves from would be aggressors, and many other conservative views. It seems like every couple years a legitimate conservative viewpoint shared by tens of millions of Americans, sometimes even 100+ million, is suddenly ostracized as a Nazi view that should be banned from everywhere by an extremely vocal minority of online forum warriors and extremely influencial big Tech companies controlled by the far left.

I actually considered him a Reaganite, not a modern right winger, but still a conservative rather than any modern democrat.

This is more so what I meant. Today's politics automatically put him on the right regardless of where he lands from a more standard balanced past politic.

I don't think Elon would shift Twitter hard right because he is hard right, I just can't help but wonder whether he would for a time, to teach a lesson while getting a kick out of the reactions. That couldn't go on for long before he would, pre planned, shift back to center.

Elon likes to make a strong point whenever he decides to, even when it comes to miniscule stuff, like not being able to sell a flamethrower.

What's that? I can't or really shouldn't you say? Oh really?

Zkuq said:

Eh. As far as I know, you have to say some pretty bad stuff to get banned on Twitter, but you can fairly freely express your opinion. Twitter's main problem is that is absolutely sucks for any kind of serious discussion.

Being so highly promoted by big tech and big media sure doesn't help either. The more consolidation that occurs, the more Twitter becomes the norm for everything and everyone.

Idiocracy courtroom scene eat your heart out.