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Dulfite said:

I see you've come out of the fetal position I left you in after my last pwning of you. Good for you!

As technology has it, I can do more damage from the fetal position in my pajamas before my first cup o' joe than you can in a single day.

VAMatt said:

You interviewed Mario?

's biggest fan.

barneystinson69 said:

Haven't watched a video from you in years. The cowboy hat drew me in though xD

I've been back for over a year, posting here (much to the chagrin of many regulars here lol)... Where have you been all this time? lol

numberwang said:

I am surprised your channel hasn't taken off more.

I'm not which leads into the later posts lol

sethnintendo said:
numberwang said:

I am surprised your channel hasn't taken off more.

Maybe he needs to grow a real mustache.  I'm not a fan of them though.

numberwang said:

His stats are too low for someone with a >10 year channel and >350 vids in good quality. There are around 50 views a day for the whole channel. He might be shadow banned from yt.

I didn't think this thread would switch to being about my channel, but I have discussed this ad nauseum before so I figure a little synopsis here won't hurt.

I've been doing YouTube for over 4 years (5 years will be in October!).  My first "season" stint was 3 years, and then I came back in Oct 2020 for the current gen consoles, so Oct 2022 will be 3 years + 2 years.  My account was a personal one that I converted to a channel: let's just call that poor insight at the start lol

Having said that, 3.1K subs in that time is NOT good numbers.  This is not untrue at all that I'm definitely not doing the kinds of numbers I should be for "quality" content (though I beg to differ there, I don't consider myself quality haha!).  However, there is SO much more to this than it looks from basic data you find and that's because YouTube has far deeper analytics only visible to the YouTuber themselves that cannot be publicly seen.  So here's more of a detailed summary, and then at the end I'll address YouTube's "shadow ban" thing at the end.

I do not and will never have mass appeal simply because I follow a very lightly tread path.  As a singular YouTuber, doing all platforms without preferences or bias is on its own a very unpopular train of thought.  Just about every large YouTuber never got there this way: they have a core fanbase and a core focus platform.  This can be proven with data.  When I first started out, I came out the gate REALLY strong: I was clocking nearly 100 subs average a month!  But it was all Nintendo stuff, despite the fact that I had ALWAYS planned from the very start to do all the platforms.  I would have thought that my third episode ever where I whooped out my gaming PC would have been a clear indicator I was not a "Nintendo only" person.  I made it clear I grew up on them which is why I started with them.  So when I added the Xbox One to the channel, my average monthly subs slowed down to nearly half what I was gaining beforehand.

But of course, I kept pressing on, figuring that would work itself out.  It appeared as if I pulled back slightly from Nintendo simply because I was now doing Xbox content, though I clearly didn't as it was simply the limitation of only being one human being.  But then, it was finally time to add the final platform to the channel, and that is where things turned bad.  When I added the PlayStation 4 to my channel, my average monthly subs slowed down to NEARLY A HALT. I sometimes only managed 10-20 subs in an entire month, and that was a GOOD month.  Socialblade doesn't display things accurately: it only shows you the publicized count which is in increments of 10 once over 1000 subs.

From there, it was clear to me my path was not going to work, and I was still getting review copies from Nintendo at the time, but there was no denying that once my channel had all the platforms, the "interest" waned dramatically.  This also goes a bit into the data and YouTube side, and know that I am in no way defending YouTube in the following statement: YouTube is struggling to "find" people because as aforementioned, there simply aren't that many who don't have clear/singular platform focuses.  So let me give you an example breakdown so you can see what's happening from YouTube's perspective:

- Suppose I post 4 videos per month, and one is a PlayStation exclusive, another is a Nintendo exclusive, another is a Halo discussion video, and the fourth is, say, a non-platform specific video

- YouTube will try to show the PlayStation video to people subbed to me who watch mostly PlayStation videos.  Sure, that person has no beef with Nintendo or Xbox, but they ignore both of those videos because their preference is PlayStation

- This person has now ignored 3 out of the 4 videos for that month.  This tells YouTube that person's interest in my channel is very low, especially if they didn't even interact (read: comment) on that one video they watched and it lowers my ranking in their sub feed and recommendations continuously UNTIL...

- I've literally had FRIENDS tell me I haven't posted a video in MONTHS.  I told one of them that I post every week, and he said, "really? I thought you stopped posting videos".

So you see?  It's not a shadow ban so much as it is YouTube struggling to present my content to like-minded people simply because they do not exist in large numbers.  I'm not exactly shadowbanned, but my videos RARELY show up for anyone who DOESN'T turn on All notifications (and even that, one of my longtime fans said he had "all" notifications on and didn't get one; he simply knew I post videos every Thurs morning!) simply because my ranking is so low for just about everyone subbed to me EXCEPT for people who watch every video and comment regularly.

So after all that, you can see there's a large "data" problem I'm facing.  Add to that another factor: I am no longer monetized.  This means YouTube doesn't make money off my channel/videos, so you add that to the data problem and it all comes together and makes sense that I'm not long for gaming.  I don't belong here, and where I've gotten now is actually, in some ways, its own impressive feat as I am CONSTANTLY swimming upstream.  In some ways, this meme applies to me despite there not being anyone managing me on YouTube lol

I do thank you few who have kind words for me and wish to see me doing big numbers, but that's just not in the cards for me, so I'm doing what I can for the few this matters to!

Check out my entertainment gaming channel!