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FarleyMcFirefly said:
Wyrdness said:

It's been selling at a pace of of 200k per quarter which would give us an estimate although they did say it had sold 7.9m as they were releasing the PC version so we know it's at least 8m by now, estimates in Japan should also help as well.

That makes sense for estimates. But since the site switched from estimated sales, to units shipped, I just thought these concrete numbers from the publishers themselves is what they were looking for... 

For physical publishers tend to care about shipped as that is a copy already sold to retailer so they've been paid for that amount, at that point it's then the retailer's problem to sell it on hence why reports were done in shipped now days numbers are a mixture because of the growth of digital sales. Digital cuts out the middle man and sells directly to the consumer so not only is it a better return but they know it's in the hands of an actual consumer so the growth of digital put greater focus on sold through for the publishers, in Rise's case we know in Japan it has 1.5m or so at least in digital due to Capcom confirming 3m in Japan back in April when retail estimates where around 1.5m (puts it at 4.05m in total if we only use this figure for digital), western sales we don't really have any breakdown right now sadly.